Colleges are by far the biggest source of free scholarships. Yet, the latest estimates push outstanding college related loans over $1 trillion! Most deserving college students don't receive meaningful financial aid. Why?

At College Smart you will:

  • Learn proven strategies to find FREE scholarships from colleges
  • MAXIMIZE your opportunity for free government financial aid - FAFSA
  • Find other sources of FREE private money that will be worth your time
  • MINIMIZE the high levels of student loans that burden many families

Knowing the true facts about how colleges operate as a business is critical in your search for free money for college. This understanding will significantly increase your chances of success in lowering your college costs. Everything on our site is designed to give you accurate and fast insights on the most promising sources and strategies for financial aid for college.

Every year over 2 million students in the USA alone enter college with very little understanding of how a college works as a business. Many over pay for their college degree as the price for their lack of basic consumer knowledge.

“I think the growth of for-profit higher education which looks strikingly similar to regular higher ed makes people realize that all of higher ed is effectively a business.“ Burck Smith, Straighterline, a leading online college course provider.

I encourage you to share your experiences and insights in our Community Forums as you visit. Drop me a note of feedback on any changes that would help make the site more useful in your college journey. Thanks for your patience as I complete rounding out the content as highlighted in Coming Soon.

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Dennis Raup
College bill paying parent
Educational Consultant
Business Consultant

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