Dennis's Debt Story

Dennis debt story - dennis raup

Learn from my story on debt and the lessons I've learned on how to get rid of it, fast. If you have had an unexpected financial setback, too much college or mortgage debt, more rapidly save for a down payment on a house, or just want to figure out how to retire with financial dignity then this article is for you.

"My Lessons of Debt
and How to Get Rid of it Fast"
by Dennis Raup

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How Debt Pay-off Acceleration Works

If you like the idea that you can start getting rid of debt faster WITHOUT having to change your current monthly budget, you'll want to check out my newest My GPS for Money website. This featured service highlights the tool and approach in more detail.

Feel free to plug in the Free Analysis tab other big loans you would like to get rid of to see how soon you can get out of debt. Just ignore the mortgage reference on the report you get back. This works for ANY compound interest loan repayment (mortgage, education, car, consumer loan.)

It's important to remember that the debt payoff analysis you'll receive back is just an initial illustration. As you begin to work with the powerful My GPS for Money analysis software and user friendly planning tool you'll soon discover ways you can pay it off even faster.

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What Clients are Saying

“As a Mortgage Broker I wanted to test the program myself before sharing it with others. In just 17 months the program saved me $233,950! We tell everyone now about the My GPS for Money.”

Brad Farris, Farris Mortgage

“We never knew it could be so easy to get out of debt so fast. We are going to be out of debt in 10 years or less and we don't pay anymore into our bills than what we paid before! We would definitely recommend this program to friends and family!”

Nick & Ashley Taylor

“I was skeptical going in because I am a Bank Manager and thought I knew all there was to know about money. But what we found was that this system is so user friendly and yet so powerful we just love our My GPS for Money system. We just bought our home one year ago, and we will have it completely paid for in just six more years! The results are simply amazing.”

Stephanie & Robert Ramirez