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With over $1 trillion in college related debt in our country minimizing college debt is critical for a family. College loans are just part of our bigger problem with too much debt. The Wall Street Journal just wrote a story on the long term drag of consumer debt on the recovery. For instance, mortgage and credit card debt continue at record high levels.

Economic statistics pale in comparison to the personal stories of job loss recoveries and financial setbacks many are looking for ways to overcome. Those new college graduates fortunate to find work in their field face daunting monthly student loan payments.

Is there a way to find smart debt relief?

Featured Resource

That's why I am very excited to announce my newest service as this issue's featured resource.

Debt Free Smart is designed to help families and college graduates with accelerating their debt pay-off. What's unique about the approach is it works with your current budget. As long as your budget is positive you will see immediate results in interest savings.

For instance, my wife, Kim and I are using this system beginning with our mortgage. We are on our way to paying it off 13 years earlier and saving $105,000 in interest costs!

Get a free analysis of any debt (mortgage, education loan, car loan, credit card, etc.) you would like to pay-off much earlier at

Contact me to discuss how to maximize applying this tool if you are preparing for college, in the midst of the college years or looking to recover in the post graduate years.

Take advantage of the summer months with your HS underclassmen. Check out my College Smart Primer, "College Preparation for High School Sophomores and Juniors" at:

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Enjoy a wonderful summer with your family!

Dennis Raup

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What Clients Are Saying

“…without your involvement, we never would have thought to approach the college directly…. We got the documentation together to obtain residency, created letters to send and were granted residency which translated to $20,000 in savings.

THEN we went back and said, 'don’t take away her out-of-state scholarship just because she is now a resident' and got OSU to maintain the $7,000 scholarship".

"We would like to express our appreciation for the service that our daughter received.

She is our first child to go through the college application process, and it was very intimidating for our whole family. You were able to create a clear, understandable path for our daughter.

As a result of all of this hard work, our daughter was offered three presidential scholarships at various colleges, including a full tuition scholarship to a private college.

Thanks again, and we look forward to working with you on our son's upcoming college search."

"HWS presented an above average financial aid award, however, it included some work study. With your guidance, I went back and asked that the work study be converted to either grant or scholarship to relieve the financial burden while allowing my daughter to focus on academics.

They came back with the conversion AND continued to keep her eligible for an equal amount of money through work study."