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Does it really make a lot of sense to graduate with a ton of college debt? Find out the latest tips and insights how to find the best fit at the lowest out of pocket cost.

More Information on Applying College Smart Strategies to Your Family

More information including assessments and free family consultation

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The Public vs Private School Myth

True or False?..Public colleges are always less expensive than private colleges.

Not necessarily. Private colleges have much more free college money they control and can offer to more students at their discretion.

Public colleges are severely restrained from the state budget cutbacks to education funding. This cuts back course offerings that lead to timely graduation.

Public colleges are also increasing at 150% or more of the annual rate of private colleges.

The net effect? The net out of pocket cost of an on time 4 year degree can often equate to a 5 year public college cost.

Find out how to successfully receive much more of the free money available at private colleges at my webinar link below.

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Webinar Introduction

Webinar Introduction

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How Big Is Your Circle of Comparison?

One of the common pitfalls that leads to overpaying for college is simply not comparing enough colleges.

The last time you shopped for a large consumer purchase like a car or a house how many serious comparisons did you shop around for?

Most families only compare just a small handful of schools to their financial detriment.

The College Debt Spin

A recent AP news article headlined that the rise in consumer and college debt was a sign that consumers were feeling more confident.

Say what?

With household incomes flat, minimal college savings, sharply rising college costs and the government priming the college debt pump what other choice do families have?!

Find out here.