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The Best Buy Scholarship targets their Ipod generation customer base with this unique high school scholarship program. It's unusual to see a college scholarship program reach out to students as young as 9th grade to be eligible.

This college grant program provokes an interesting reaction for me.

How many of us have stood waiting in a Best Buy store line eager to get our hands on the latest must have electronic gear?

How many of us who look at that same item gathering dust a couple years later feel like Madison Avenue somehow ripped us off again?

Having just cleaned out some bedrooms and storage areas in my house certainly there is a tempting attraction to try to get some of that money back from Best Buy!

No matter your motivation, with the current Best Buy scholarship award averaging only $1,000 it may not be worth every eligible student's time.

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Why HS Underclassmen Benefit

If you are a 9th through 11th grader take a closer look. After all, this scholarship program looks for important criteria for student success such as academics and community involvement.

Completing this scholarship application will give you a great practice run on what it takes to be competitive for both private scholarships and most importantly your future college applications.

While your chances are slim just because of the sheer numbers of applicants it's nice to know that you just might get paid for your efforts beginning to search for free money for college.

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Where HS Seniors Can Better Spend Their Time

Who wouldn't want to try for $1,000 of free money for college? While it sounds tempting the successful HS senior needing to find scholarships for college knows it's all about where they invest their time for the biggest pay-off.

Students who are successful private scholarship award recipients know the trick is to be able to distinguish yourself among very large numbers of applicants. Because the odds are more like winning a lottery the allure diminishes for the vast majority of private scholarships. As generous as companies like Best Buy are you quickly realize that they are not offering Power ball level award numbers.

Did you know that private scholarships like Best Buy are a very small (~3%) of the total available amount of college grants and scholarships? Did you know that the largest amount of scholarships, even greater than government financial aid money, is at the schools themselves?

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Find Out How to Receive
the Largest Source of Scholarships

Doesn't it make more sense to invest your college scholarship search time where the largest chances of success are?

Be sure to check out my free webinar to learn the proven strategies of finding the maximum financial aid that won't waste your time.

Private scholarships may make sense to include in part of your search just don't be unwise and waste too much of your time. Be sure to return to my Private Scholarships page at the bottom of this page to find out the important tips will help your chances to succeed.

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What Clients Are Saying

“…without your involvement, we never would have thought to approach the college directly…. We got the documentation together to obtain residency, created letters to send and were granted residency which translated to $20,000 in savings.

THEN we went back and said, 'don’t take away her out-of-state scholarship just because she is now a resident' and got OSU to maintain the $7,000 scholarship".

"We would like to express our appreciation for the service that our daughter received.

She is our first child to go through the college application process, and it was very intimidating for our whole family. You were able to create a clear, understandable path for our daughter.

As a result of all of this hard work, our daughter was offered three presidential scholarships at various colleges, including a full tuition scholarship to a private college.

Thanks again, and we look forward to working with you on our son's upcoming college search."

"HWS presented an above average financial aid award, however, it included some work study. With your guidance, I went back and asked that the work study be converted to either grant or scholarship to relieve the financial burden while allowing my daughter to focus on academics.

They came back with the conversion AND continued to keep her eligible for an equal amount of money through work study."