Client Referral Program

I'm excited to thank my clients in a more intentional way. Letting other parents know helps fulfill our mission.

Here's how it works. Simply tell other parents and students of your experiences to date. Ask if they are open for more information. Confirm their e-mail address and that you'll be sending them some helpful information.

While I encourage you to share my phone # or business card I find that busy families are most comfortable to first learn more initially on their own.

That's why I've prepared for you invitation tools with helpful informational links that you can quickly personalize.

Client Referral Program

Referral Payments

For every new client you refer for the College Assistance Plus service or the Accelerated Debt Pay-off featured service you earn $25. For every 4th client it's a home run for you and earns you an additional $100 referral payment!

Current payment options:

  1. Payment to you
  2. Contribution to College Smart Scholarship Fund (see Services) in your name.

Ways to Help Others and Get Paid For It

This program is designed to work best when you just make this a part of your normal schedule. Your introductory role is very important and requires very little of your valuable time.

Just keep this in mind as you are around hearing other parents and students talk about the challenges of college.

Client referral - group meeting

Are you part of an organization or group whose fellow members would greatly benefit from knowing more about being College Smart? If so, be sure to check out the easy invitation options you can quickly personalize to reach out to the responsible coordinator for that group.

I really enjoy doing all the follow-up work after your help making the initial connection!

client referral - man on phone

It's also important to highlight how this referral program works for groups. For example, let's say that you introduce me and my free workshop service to your HR Manager at work.

Your HR Manager and I then meet to answer their questions and my free lunch n' learn session is scheduled.

After meeting at their request, say four of your colleagues decide to become new clients of my CAPlus service.

Because you made the referral to the group, you earn $25 for each new client. On the 4th new client you earned the $100 "home run bonus." So from one brief introduction you earned $200 and the satisfaction of helping many of your colleagues in their college journey.

You also get rewarded as I offer follow-up tools and additional workshops with your organization. This opportunity to earn additional referral bonuses continues for up to two years from your first introduction. You get rewarded for your initiative as more families learn about being College Smart and decide to become my clients.

Client referral - Empire State building client referral - golden gate bridge client referral - florida coast montanna wheat field - client referral program

Across the USA!

Besides family or friends anywhere in the U.S., here are examples of groups and likely contact person that have a high need for College Smart's unique consumer viewpoint on the college industry:

  • Your employer - HR Manager
  • Parent booster groups (sports, music, arts, PTA, band, etc.) - President *
  • Travel sports associations - President*
  • Church - Youth Pastor*
  • Professional Associations - Outside Speaker Coordinator
  • * - fund raiser option available

Invitation Tools

The Fine Print

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What Clients Are Saying

“…without your involvement, we never would have thought to approach the college directly…. We got the documentation together to obtain residency, created letters to send and were granted residency which translated to $20,000 in savings.

THEN we went back and said, 'don’t take away her out-of-state scholarship just because she is now a resident' and got OSU to maintain the $7,000 scholarship".

"We would like to express our appreciation for the service that our daughter received.

She is our first child to go through the college application process, and it was very intimidating for our whole family. You were able to create a clear, understandable path for our daughter.

As a result of all of this hard work, our daughter was offered three presidential scholarships at various colleges, including a full tuition scholarship to a private college.

Thanks again, and we look forward to working with you on our son's upcoming college search."

"HWS presented an above average financial aid award, however, it included some work study. With your guidance, I went back and asked that the work study be converted to either grant or scholarship to relieve the financial burden while allowing my daughter to focus on academics.

They came back with the conversion AND continued to keep her eligible for an equal amount of money through work study."