Debt Free Smart Client Support

Debt Free Smart™ client support extends beyond just buying an advanced math and planning tool like My GPS for Money.

After all, why are the latest tools (like exercise equipment) so popular on the For Sale listings?

As our featured resource author, Dave Ramsey says, "It's not about our head knowledge (about 20%). Rather, 80% of our money issues lie in our motivation and values, the man or woman we see in the mirror; us.

To really make the kind of changes in our financial life we want to do to be successful there often needs to be something more than solving our math problems.

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”

Jim Rohn, Speaker and Author

Math + Motivation

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Debt Free Smart™ is about combining the power of solving complex math done for you with the strong personal motivation you bring to your financial choices.

In my professional and personal experience I know when making a significant change in financial, health or anything of great importance to us it is almost impossible to succeed going it alone.

That's why these terrific support services are available to fit your needs. Most are free. Some are fee-based. The idea is to plug into a support resource that will help you be successful.

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Current Tips and Support

Here's some helpful tips and what's immediately available to all My GPS for Money new clients of Debt Free Smart™:

  • Block the Time. Your personal commitment is where it starts. This is an ongoing process to learn and follow with consistency over a long period of time. As with anything new it's going to "feel funny" as my daughter used to say when she had any new shoes to wear.

    Just follow the easy how to get started information that comes with your welcome note. You will get familiar quickly with your new and powerful planning tool. Just start by entering your budget and current debt information and the system will guide you through your next steps.

  • Ask Questions. . Most people learn by asking questions. Most can be answered through the very informative How To's and reference sections. Customer service is always available for those questions you cannot find answers for.
  • Develop Your Money Plan. Be sure to take advantage of the valuable featured resource, Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. Dave lays out the key steps you can customize for your own family.
  • Connect with the Growing Debt Free Smart Community. This is a great place to ask questions, share your user tips and successes. Learning from others and encouraging others is key to staying the course. Dennis will also be sharing new user tips, techniques and key questions weekly in his moderator role.

    This closed forum is accessible only by client password you will receive after registering for your My GPS for Money tool in your welcome note from Dennis.

  • Find a financial planning professional. Objective, personalized and thorough guidance is essential to succeed in today's dynamic world.

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Support Services Vision

Based on client's feedback here is the vision I am working towards to best support you in your journey and to help more families who want to convert their debt to wealth.

  • Continue to feature additional services that increase cashflow and accelerate debt pay-off.
  • Introduce a dedicated regular Debt Free Smart e-newsletter.
  • Develop a dedicated Debt Free Smart™ web site.
  • Expand our Affiliate Resource team with Financial Planners experienced with the My GPS for Money tool and approach.
  • Develop a "Master Mind" team of successful families and financial professionals to share their perspectives and success in becoming debt free using the My GPS for Money system.
  • Beginning with the Debt Free Smart™ client forum above I look to expand all of the valuable content through offering regular webinars, podcasts, articles and e-books.

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What Clients are Saying

“As a Mortgage Broker I wanted to test the program myself before sharing it with others. In just 17 months the program saved me $233,950! We tell everyone now about the My GPS for Money.”

Brad Farris, Farris Mortgage

“We never knew it could be so easy to get out of debt so fast. We are going to be out of debt in 10 years or less and we don't pay anymore into our bills than what we paid before! We would definitely recommend this program to friends and family!”

Nick & Ashley Taylor

“I was skeptical going in because I am a Bank Manager and thought I knew all there was to know about money. But what we found was that this system is so user friendly and yet so powerful we just love our My GPS for Money system. We just bought our home one year ago, and we will have it completely paid for in just six more years! The results are simply amazing.”

Stephanie & Robert Ramirez