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With the debt culture so permeated throughout our government, higher education, housing and consumer markets it is vital that you have proven and trusted financial counsel and tools that helps you through your financial journey.

To test this out yourself just pay attention to every advertising message you'll hear in the next 24 hours. We are simply bombarded with every form of debt escalation message possible. Feautured Resources - concerned couple on laptop

Debt Free Smart™ is about just the opposite way to manage your finances.

How to get out of debt, fast, and stay out of debt.

As one leading authority said, "nothing is worse than helping people get out of debt only to find out later they have twice as much debt than they had before."

In working with families in college planning, I have learned that college loans are not the true problem facing families. Because the use of debt is so ingrained and pushed in our culture we need to think much more objectively and clearly about our financial values, thinking and choices about the use of debt. With uncertainty in the world we live in today how we choose to deal with our debt is the biggest area we control. Nothing less than our family's financial futures are at stake.

Let me know your experience with these featured resources.

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Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover - Just a great kick start to do just what this best seller's title says. Available also on audio book through your favorite online store.

Dave's compelling personal story, direct and humorous style will get your thinking refreshed about money. I loved the way he challenged me to think clearly through the fog of my money choices and the consequences both good and bad.

The practical steps to take make it ideal to engage your spouse in learning and following his Money Makeover Plan together.

New clients of Debt Free Smart™ featuring My GPS for Money system will receive a complimentary copy of Dave's book. In addition new clients will receive my personal article detailing my recommendations on how to incorporate both College Smart and Debt Free Smart's™ proven strategies into Dave's life changing approach.

No matter your station in life these tools and resources will be invaluable to help you get on your way.

Affiliate Financial Advisors
If you are looking for a steady hand to guide your way towards financial freedom a trusted financial adviser is vital. While Debt Free Smart's™ featured tools and services are valuable they are part of a well designed financial plan based on your needs and goals.

Visit my current directory of financial services firms and professionals I recommend. These are dedicated and talented professionals that help their clients with a patient, well informed and thorough long term approach to helping you reach your financial goals.

Got Groups?

The Debt Free Smart Educational Program features live and webinar based workshops for your staff, clients and members.

A special educational and fund-raising program will be available for your favorite non-profit.

Don't underestimate the influence you have to help significantly transform the financial health of groups you are part of!

Bookmark this page for complete information and scheduling details being published asap.

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What Clients are Saying

“As a Mortgage Broker I wanted to test the program myself before sharing it with others. In just 17 months the program saved me $233,950! We tell everyone now about the My GPS for Money.”

Brad Farris, Farris Mortgage

“We never knew it could be so easy to get out of debt so fast. We are going to be out of debt in 10 years or less and we don't pay anymore into our bills than what we paid before! We would definitely recommend this program to friends and family!”

Nick & Ashley Taylor

“I was skeptical going in because I am a Bank Manager and thought I knew all there was to know about money. But what we found was that this system is so user friendly and yet so powerful we just love our My GPS for Money system. We just bought our home one year ago, and we will have it completely paid for in just six more years! The results are simply amazing.”

Stephanie & Robert Ramirez