Should Free Government Money
be Part of Your Scholarship Search?

If your personal situation is right, it could make a lot of sense to try free government money sources. The reason is that the rapid growth of recent government spending covers higher education as well. For instance, there were $6.6 billion dollars specifically targeted for education included in the trillion dollar 2009 federal stimulus bill.

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Spread around to various federal and state programs each year, government monies are available for college grants. Because of the public policy basis, most free government money awards for scholarships are based on income. However, because of the unlimited creativity of public officials spending your taxes other public objectives beyond low income income families may be eligible. Reasons for this targeted social spending include job dislocation, diversity objectives and the area you live in.

It is important to note that this page details likely sources separate from the traditional financial aid (FAFSA) process.


Count Your Chips Before You Spin
the Public Scholarship Wheel

While a source to be considered, be cautious about wasting too much of your time chasing down public funded scholarships for college. Criteria for these funds are even more generic than private scholarship funds. The funds are more widely promoted by a network of government agencies and schools. As a result the competition is very strong.

Lastly, despite the influx of stimulus money the award amounts are still modest. Because so many states are having serious fiscal problems I anticipate funding at the state level to continue to reduce.

What is most disturbing is that despite the severe recession colleges still increased their prices between 4 and 6% in 2009. Some experts believe this was a direct result of the government's stimulus program for higher education!

That is why I advise that students and their parents take the time to be an informed consumer.

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Uncle Sam's Public Scholarship Sources

Here are the post popular federal level programs for free government money for college:

Fulbright Scholarship
Robert C. Byrd Scholarship Click on the Applicant Info. tab for your state agency to contact.
Lowering your taxes is like getting free government money!

State Funded Scholarship Programs

Some states set up programs to give money directly to students. Creative (desperate?) state legislatures often use state lottery revenue for funding.

Hey, it's still free government money for college!

Remember that these programs are separate from the federal financial aid programs even thought they may require your FAFSA information to be filed.

Here are examples of some of the most popular.

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship
Georgia Hope Scholarship
New York State College Grant Programs
Tennessee Hope Scholarship

Stars and Stripes

For a complete listing by state visit State Scholarships Directory

Note: Be sure to check for residency and income requirements before applying, especially if you want to attend a college out of state.

Free Government Money Forum

Know of a Promising State Scholarship Program?

We need your help keeping up with the free government money sources at the state level. Have you or someone you know had a good success with free scholarship money from your state? (Not through FAFSA, loans, etc.)

Pass the source link on to us and we will be sure to get it posted asap to help others from your state.

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They came back with the conversion AND continued to keep her eligible for an equal amount of money through work study."