Minority Scholarships
- How to Get a Majority of Free Money

Before pursuing grant lists for women and minority scholarships, equipping yourself first to be a wise consumer is a sure way to learn why and how colleges operate like a business.

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Like any business they are willing to reinvest in their product (their student body) that helps attract even more new customers (prospective students).

Be careful to not get trapped into chasing endless applications for private sources of college grants including minority scholarships. By far the most college scholarships for minority students are found at the schools themselves.

On What Basis Do
Colleges Invest in Their Students?

Academics matter most. By a lot. My free webinar gives you the insights you need how to leverage your SAT and ACT scores.

Other personal criteria is often desirable by most colleges. This includes gender, race or ethnic backgrounds. Knowing how to combine these factors in marketing your student can lead to an exceptional scholarship for college. College scholarships for minority students can have their own designation or be blended in with other grants already mentioned.

College students

Because colleges are required to be huge marketing machines to survive their admissions office has a couple important mandates to fill.

  1. Colleges continually strive to always improve their bragging rights about having the the best and the brightest walking their campus.
  2. Recruiting a diverse student body is a major goal supporing most colleges marketing claims.

    Check out any college website and look for their statistics on how diversified their student body is. If you are a HS upperclassmen leaf through that huge pile of sales collateral that just came in this week's mail. Colleges like to give you the impression that they are a prism of today's fast changing and diverse world.

In practical terms this means that they are willing to offer a scholarship for college for:

Visit the link that best matches your background and interests for further guidance on the best approach for women and minority scholarships.

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We Aren't in Kansas Anymore

If you are ready to apread your wings, consider distance from home. Colleges also like to brag about geographic diversity among their student body.

While you are leafing through your pile of college marketing literature look for how many proudly mention where students come from. A sign of more prestige schools includes touting the number of foreign countries they attract students from.

Why is geography so important? One of the pitfalls most families fall into is to select a narrow list of familiar schools within a 2 hour driving radius of home. While there are good choices to make, it is much more difficult to differentiate your student from their peers in order to receive scholarships for college. Said another way, colleges frequently over charge local families that "lock in" early because buyers resistance is minimal.

My free webinar teaches you why applying to a wider circle of schools typically results in more college grants.

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Even extending to a weekend drive radius (4-6 hours) you would be surprised at the range of financial offers you can get for the same degree goal. Just by being from a neighboring state can make a difference for some very good quality schools.

Take the idea a step further and many families can command a significant reduction in their tuition bill because the student was open to attend a school in a different region of the country. Are you flexible to consider a wider geographic circle? If so, free college scholarships are more likely available to you.

IF you select the right schools to compare to.

Learn more about a proprietary database in my free webinar. It is a powerful tool that can bring all of your student's objective criteria together to select the right schools AND find the greatest sources of scholarships for college students.

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What Clients Are Saying

“…without your involvement, we never would have thought to approach the college directly…. We got the documentation together to obtain residency, created letters to send and were granted residency which translated to $20,000 in savings.

THEN we went back and said, 'don’t take away her out-of-state scholarship just because she is now a resident' and got OSU to maintain the $7,000 scholarship".

"We would like to express our appreciation for the service that our daughter received.

She is our first child to go through the college application process, and it was very intimidating for our whole family. You were able to create a clear, understandable path for our daughter.

As a result of all of this hard work, our daughter was offered three presidential scholarships at various colleges, including a full tuition scholarship to a private college.

Thanks again, and we look forward to working with you on our son's upcoming college search."

"HWS presented an above average financial aid award, however, it included some work study. With your guidance, I went back and asked that the work study be converted to either grant or scholarship to relieve the financial burden while allowing my daughter to focus on academics.

They came back with the conversion AND continued to keep her eligible for an equal amount of money through work study."