How Do I Get my ROI?

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Clients who follow the My GPS for Money system receive a significant return on investment in three important ways:

  1. Avoid paying significant future interest costs on current debts without any change to their normal budget.
  2. Because of the insight My GPS for Money system gives you on your family or business budget, clients become more aware of easy changes they can make to pay off their debts even faster.
  3. As clients succeed in retiring debts faster they learn how to put those old debt payments to work for them. Now they focus on investing on long term goals like their own retirement.

The secret of the My GPS for Money system is quite simple but uncommonly done in our hyper debt culture - roi-woman on diet

Lose it and Use it!

Lose the extra weight of debt - fast - and use the incredible power of compound interest to work for you, not against you.

The average homeowner has a payback of 3 - 6 months by just the first savings step above. As the debt pay off snowball momentum accelerates through each step the total savings and ROI is staggering.

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ROI for the Detter Family - An Illustration

For those who read my personal story on debt , the Detter family experienced the following:

  1. Step 1 - Mortgage only, same budget - $59,373 in interest saved, paid off 12.4 years sooner.
  2. Step 2 - Make additional changes - $67,911 in interest savings, paid off 13.1 years sooner.
  3. Step 3 - Make Investments, Not Debt Payments - With their mortgage paid off after just 5 years the Detter's enjoy $59,149 in their investment accounts. After 10 years their investments are closer to doubling at $147,272. At retirement age 25-30 years away, those investments are now averaging $1 million!

Remember, if they had stuck with their original mortgage pay-off plan they would have paid OUT $133,319 in interest and would have had ZERO investments. Now they have saved the $67,911 in interest (conservatively) and have a projected balance of $1.2 million in their investments.

How happy do you think the Detter's are with the $1,495 the invested with the My GPS for Money system in order to receive those kind of returns?!

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What is Your Estimated Payback and ROI?

Using the results of just your free analysis what is your payback from just Step One on the debt you selected you would like to pay off faster?

What would your savings be by now attacking your 2nd debt you would like to get rid of - fast?

Do you have some "extra's" in your monthly budget that with minimal sacrifice you could completely eliminate ALL of your debt that much faster?

What about the investment returns you could be earning much sooner by paying yourself rather than your lenders?

Now go ahead and add all those estimated savings and pay-off timing up.

How much return do you think you will have from investing $1,495 in the My GPS for Money system?

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What Clients are Saying

“As a Mortgage Broker I wanted to test the program myself before sharing it with others. In just 17 months the program saved me $233,950! We tell everyone now about the My GPS for Money.”

Brad Farris, Farris Mortgage

“We never knew it could be so easy to get out of debt so fast. We are going to be out of debt in 10 years or less and we don't pay anymore into our bills than what we paid before! We would definitely recommend this program to friends and family!”

Nick & Ashley Taylor

“I was skeptical going in because I am a Bank Manager and thought I knew all there was to know about money. But what we found was that this system is so user friendly and yet so powerful we just love our My GPS for Money system. We just bought our home one year ago, and we will have it completely paid for in just six more years! The results are simply amazing.”

Stephanie & Robert Ramirez