Unusual Scholarships -
Good PR or Worthwhile?

With so many unusual scholarships, I'm glad to see a few organizations keeping a sense of humor by helping students amidst the staggering costs of college. Tall, short or a passionate vegetarian, if you are looking for wacky scholarships this is the place. For all you southpaws out there there are even scholarships for left handed people!

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Are These Unusual Scholarships
Really Worth My Time to Pursue?

While these unusual scholarships have much more unique criteria, the average dollar amounts tend to be low. Speculation always occurs that some of these awards are so distinct that they lead to unclaimed scholarships. While I am very skeptical of those reports I know first hand in the way a college conducts its business where there are unclaimed scholarships you can take advantage of. IF you know how a college's business practices operate much like a business.

More on that later.

If you can't afford the risk of investing a lot of time and having little or no pay back on these unusual scholarships then they are definitely not worth pursuing. Think of these types of small dollar private scholarships much like the lottery. Most people know the statistical chance of winning (expected outcome) is less than the cost of their ticket.

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However, that doesn't stop the public from paying a little at a chance to win a lot. Imagine how much newsprint it would take to print all the names of the people who lost playing all the various state lotteries? Of course the folks who get the headlines are those that win. This influences even more people to think they have the same favorable opportunity. Private scholarships and especially wacky scholarhips like these tap into this same human motivation.

The "buzz" around offerings like scholarships for left handed people helps feed into the sponsors to receive wide public relations attention by their sponsoring organizations. It's actually some pretty smart and relatively low cost marketing by the sponsors who want to get a lot of free recognition for their public service.

I certainly don't criticize their stated intentions. I just feel it's very misleading to students who really NEED free money for college. Statistically, a very tiny percentage who apply actually win any award amount.

For the very few students that have achieved genuine distinction in a particular area that matches up to a higher dollar (say, over $1,000) than it may be worth your time.

For most students, the real question to ask about these wacky scholarships... How can I stay out of the losers column?

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Is There a Better Way
than Chasing Wacky Scholarships?

Scholarship information seems to be everywhere. However, realizing HOW to really be successful at getting free money is sorely lacking.

For instance, how a college operates more like a business is scarce. Before you spend anymore time doing your next search for an educational scholarship find out what the key factors are that drive colleges as a business.

You are much closer to the winner's column when you first learn how to be a wise consumer for your educational dollars.

Scholarships Go To The Wise Consumer

I did promise to share where you could find unclaimed scholarships, even at the school of your choice. My free webinar gives you the valuable insights how these kinds of strategies can work for you.

Learn a more reliable approach than unusual scholarships

If you would like to learn more about a proven strategy finding unclaimed scholarship money for college simply request my free article below:

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What Clients Are Saying

“…without your involvement, we never would have thought to approach the college directly…. We got the documentation together to obtain residency, created letters to send and were granted residency which translated to $20,000 in savings.

THEN we went back and said, 'don’t take away her out-of-state scholarship just because she is now a resident' and got OSU to maintain the $7,000 scholarship".

"We would like to express our appreciation for the service that our daughter received.

She is our first child to go through the college application process, and it was very intimidating for our whole family. You were able to create a clear, understandable path for our daughter.

As a result of all of this hard work, our daughter was offered three presidential scholarships at various colleges, including a full tuition scholarship to a private college.

Thanks again, and we look forward to working with you on our son's upcoming college search."

"HWS presented an above average financial aid award, however, it included some work study. With your guidance, I went back and asked that the work study be converted to either grant or scholarship to relieve the financial burden while allowing my daughter to focus on academics.

They came back with the conversion AND continued to keep her eligible for an equal amount of money through work study."